Communist Worm Country was the standard region of the worms in the years 2002-2003. THe country was under the control of their current ruler, Emperor Wormster. However, it wasn't Wormster's intentions to become the emperor. As he was walking to visit the Worm House in January, 2002, he was attacked by an agent working undercover for the Memeology Organization. He was captured and brought to the Memeology HQ, where his brain's memory was temporarily purged and replaced with the codes of the Memeology command sections. Communist Worm Country was almost identical to the Democratic Republic of the Worms although the Communist reign did consit of several more strict orders and rules. Also, in July 2002, the government was shortly overthrown by the 1st Worm Communist Army of the Worms, initiating a Martial Law status in the rules. However, in 2003, the Guild of the Free Worms overthrew the Communist Worm Country government and Wormy was restored to power, in November. The Mememolgy HQ was discovered and Wormster's brain wave memory was revived and returned to his brain.