Native Species
Humans, various plant and animal life

Earth is the capitol of the United Civilizations Federation and the most densely inhabited planet in Sol, but has fallen into chaos. Everything there is pretty much destroyed and it is now turning into a planet of rubble. It's main inhabitants are the humans, as well as many different varieties of plant and animal life. It has approximately 12-13 billion inhabitants. It is protected by the army of the human's Marine Combat Forces (MCF). The entire world has mostly fallen into disarray, with only a few governments remaining, such as the American, Canadian, British, Russian, Chinese, etc. The UN has been since disbanded and replaced with the UCF.

History Edit

The planet was formed almost 5 billion years ago, with life appearing a billion years after that.

First Contact with a Foreign Civic Edit

The first time an alien race made contact on the planet Earth was in 2117, when a small Garnot scout vessel crash-landed near an MCF training facility. Corporal Chavez Jemenz was training at that location at the time of the incident. The crew of the ship proceeded to destroy the academy and burned it to the ground, with a few dozen officers and cadets fleeing for their lives.