The MCFC Orion was a _______ class cruiser of the MCF Space Command and belonged to the 2nd Space Fleet. She was under the command of Captain ________. Its MCF Marine detachment was headed by Corporal Wallace.

History Edit

The MCFC Orion was built in 2479, and commissioned to active duty in 2482. She was boarded in the year 2491 by Garnots and all hands were lost during the defensive efforts. After an infiltration by the Genesis Squad, the MCFC Orion was destroyed by a bomb planted in Main Engineering by Corporal Chavez Jemenz.

Decks Edit

The MCFC Orion was a small, dedicated attack cruiser and transport, comprising of 10 decks.

Deck 1: Bridge, conference lounge, officer's lounge

The 's brdge was small and compact, due to the small nature of the ship. At the front, sunken down was the helm and operations stations. One level above sat the captain, first officer, science and weapons support officers. At the top of the bridge, the engineering liason, environmental, and life support officers stood. To the port, a door linked the bridge with the conference room, where senior officers were briefed. To the starboard of the bridge, the captain's ready room was located. From the two access corridors on the uppermost level of the bridge, one led to the turbolift, while the other connected the bridge with the rest of Deck 1 and the officer's lounge.

Deck 2: Crew quarters, mess hall

Deck 3: Escape pods, crew quarters

Deck 4: Beam chamber, crew quarters, medbay

Deck 5: Science labs, detention cells, escape pods

eck 6: Secondary beam chamber, crew quarters, cargo bay 1

Deck 7: Main Engineering, escape pods, cargo bay 2

Deck 8: Shuttlebay (Main), escape pods, crew quarters

Deck 9: Computer core, shuttlebay (secondary)

Deck 10: Secondary power couplings, airlocks