Marine Combat Force


Founded by
William J. Lee

The Marine Combat Force (MCF) is the primary military organization for the humans. The MCF is spread worldwide in over three quarters of all the Earth's countries, with large forces in Canada, the United States, Great Britain, France, Russia, South Africa, and Australia.

Canadian MCFEdit

There are several branches of the MCF in Canada, with each one controlling a different area within the country, sometimes amounting to up to four provinces. They are all under command of MCF Canada Central Command. They are:

American MCFEdit

The American MCF troops are divided generally into four geographical sectors, which are then normally subdivided into states. The American MCF are directed by the MCF American Command Committee. The four general sectors are:

British MCFEdit

In Great Britain, the MCF controlled the entire country in one large sector divided into counties.

Russian MCFEdit

From Moscow, the Russian MCF divided its forces between the four geographical sectors: