The Edward G. Munro Correctional and Short Term Detainment Centre, locally known by its shorter name of Pacfic Rehab Centre, is a floating, MCFCS owned facility located off the west coast of North America in the Pacific Ocean. Once governed by corrupt MCFCS wardens during the human civil war, it is now controlled by deputy directors.

History Edit

The Pacific Rehab Centre was originally named Seattle Short Term Correctional Facility (due to its close proximity to Seattle, Washington) when it first opened in 2312. It was renamed to the Edward G. Munro Correctional and Short Term Detainment Centre to honour the founder of the MCF Correctional Services, Edward G. Munro.

2342 Prison Riot Edit

In the year 2342, during the period of the human civil war, unruly correctional staff and guards freed the prisoners from ther holding quarters and cells. Using the small cache of weapons stored in the facility's security control centre, the centre soon became a large floating fortress, full of armed humans, loyal to the UPA. MCFEC stormed the building in early 2343 and regained control of the facility. Gaining access through one of the loading docks on the prison's starboard side, the commandos, led by Sergeant Major Paul Newton, entered and disarmed the hostile forces. The staff and prisoners were arrested and taken to a more secure location pending further trial.

Triggering the Rioting Edit

The riots at the facility can be much blamed upon the horrific tolls the human civil war were taking on the society.

Layout Edit

The layout of the facility was somewhat unusual, with features including a single interrogation room, long, bare corridors, tiny holding cells, and small and spartan rooms, spread among four levels. As each level progressed upwards, the floors became smaller. Even thoguh the buidling itself was large, there were few amenities and cells at all. Also, the correctional centre was noticably lacking in up-to-date security technology, such as security cameras. However, the facility did have a somewhat sophisticated security control room which dominated the entire fourth floor.