Name: Residian III
Location: Regel system, Regellian Sector 12
Class: 1.0
Satellites: Reymore
Native Species: Unknown, presumably none
Affiliation: Regel Empire

Residian III is the third planet in the Regel system. It orbits a large sun called Regmore. It is a sandy planet, like its sister planets, Residian IV and Residian V. Current and past Wormfleet exploration missions have turned up no signs of sentient life on the planet as of yet. However, the amount of total area actually explored thus far is too little to make any assumptions into the likelihood of life existing on the planet.

Overall Structure Edit

There is little-above ground water on Residian III. Much of the surface is covered by vast desert continents, sparsely inhabited. Only thirty-four different idigenous species of creatures have been ever spotted on the planet. There are, as stated above, no signs of intelligent lifeforms which have attempted contact with exploration parties.