The Worm of Fireworks 1

A 3D worm

The Worms are an intelligent race of creatures which roam around underground cities, far away from other civilizations. They are experts in digging, having dug out room underground for massive cities. Very tiny little creatures, the Worms were the creators of Tesla weaponry, and were the first creatures ever to launch the Delta Space Missions to the Moon and Mars. Worms are the slowest creatures in the world. However, the Worms invented the electric scooter, which can increase their speed. As the Worm Cities are underground, the Worms use subways, underground railways, scooters, and cars to get around between their cities. The only use Worms find for air travel is inter-continent travel. As of 2021, the democracy of the Federation of the Worms was declaring a national emergency during their war with the Spikys. Under the rule of their youngest ruler in worm history, President Wormy, he was part of the Wormy Family. The entire family is/was at one time in their lives, were once part of the government of the Worm Federation. To learn more about the Wormy Family, check this page at The Wormy Family.