The Worm Family consists of Wormy, Wormster, Wormy Senior, and Wormy Junior. Wormy, currently 21 years old, is the present ruler of the Worm Federation. He has two brothers, Wormster, and Wormy Junior. His father is Wormy Senior. He also has several other family members, but they are not as important in their lives as these worms. Wormster, currently 11 years old, was once the Emperor of Communist Worm Country when he was under the influence of the psychological propraganda of the Memeology Organization. He is now the Treasurer of the Democratic Republic of the Worms. Wormy Junior, 5 years old, is one of the members of the Ambassadorial party of the Worm House. Wormy Senior is a field marshal in the command chain of the 5th, 6th, and 7th Worm Armies of Occupation.